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John Butler - Ocean

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Women are coerced into hair removal, indoctrinated by society to see it as a necessity. They are making decisions as to what type of razor they use, whether they use cream or wax, whether they get a professional to do it, but these are secondary decisions; the initial choice is whether to remove hair at all, and this decision was made by someone else, long ago, with little thought as to our best intentions. Along with the decisions about whether body hair is attractive, or hygienic. Of course, we all have personal preference, but when every channel in society tells you that body hair is repulsive, there is only one conclusion to come to. It is near-impossible to have a true preference. And until women are no longer chastised, mocked, and insulted for their body hair, we cannot say that we have that choice.


Little Dragon // Klapp Klapp


Bavaria | by B℮n


John Butler Trio- Peaches & Cream

perfect song to wind down and go to sleep to  


Hiraeth. For all those who feel this chaos, may find the answer in their reincarnated soul.

I feel this all the time in the strangest ways.